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"Jon is truly a rare talent and inspiration for current and future generations of artists. He has a way of holding space for each dancer to make their own artistic choices, while offering his own expertise and refined eye. He expertly balances working on the technical details, building stamina and character development. Jon makes the rehearsal and coaching process a safe place for trying new things, making mistakes and he shares genuine encouragement when he sees you overcome moments of difficulty and celebrates every small victory along the way."

- Kayla Rowser Tazik

Former Principal Dancer with Nashville Ballet

"With over 20 years of professional experience, his knowledge of the artform is extensive and comprehensive. Beyond his ability to provide technical instruction, he desires to nurture individual growth and artistry. I witnessed Jon offer every partner, dancer and student the same level of support and respect, understanding their unique and valuable contribution. He sees a place for everyone in ballet and helps each dancer achieve their potential."

- Sadie Bo Sommer

Former Principal Dancer with Nashville Ballet


Our Story

Founded in 2021 Grand Rapids School of Dance seeks to be a place where students foster their love of dance, with a foundation in ballet, that will continue on for a lifetime. Whether pursuing a professional ballet career or exploring dance as a hobby, we are confident the skills learned inside our studio will translate to success outside of the classroom. 

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