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Explore Creative Movement

Committing to a full semester of dance classes can be daunting for parents of little ones.  So we are introducing a new program to give your child a chance to explore dance and movement within a shorter time frame.


Explore Creative Movement will run for 6 weeks, from October 15th through November 19th.


Explore Creative Movement 1

Age 3 | Saturday’s 10:00-10:45

Explore Creative Movement 2 

Ages 4-5 | Saturday’s 11:00-11:45

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Creative Movement I:
Class for 3 Year Olds

Creative Movement I: Students develop their motor skills, coordination and balance while exploring how to move their bodies in relation to space.

Creative Movement I Times:


Saturday 10:00am

Tuition: $120.00

Creative Movement Il:
Class for 4-5 Year Olds

Creative Movement II: Each child learns musicality, rhythm and an increased coordination in their movements while developing an appreciation for active lifestyles and healthy habits. They also enhance their listening, cooperation and social skills in a nurturing environment.

Creative Movement II Times:


Saturday 11:00am

Tuition: $120.00 

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